Posted by: Victoria Wright | February 28, 2012

MIT launches free online courses

MIT have launched free online courses which are ‘fully automated’, MITx (the prototype) will be available in March. The BBC news have written an article about it.

Posted by: Claire Johnson | January 31, 2012

Highly rated online course from Stanford University

The ‘Machine Learning’ free online course from Stanford University has had some great reviews. A section of the course can be browsed without creating an account and the full course can be taken by registering for free. See: :

Posted by: Victoria Wright | January 25, 2012

OpenHelix: Bioinformatics Tutorials and Resources

It seems OpenHelix has had a revamp, it is a very interesting browse and is charging for subscriptions to access online tutorials, including ones on the EBI resources. They charge $50 for three days.

Take a look and comment on this post to let us know what you think.

Posted by: Victoria Wright | January 24, 2012

Top 50 Educational and Technology Journals

A list of top journals recommended by a doctorate, very interesting.


Posted by: Victoria Wright | September 29, 2011

Website: Training Games Network

The Training Games Network is potentially interesting website, I have had a brief look and it could provide some nice games. It does also have some good eLearning resources on as well and the ability to share materials and join group discussions. It’s led by Ray Jimenez who is interested in learning technologies and methodologies (and other things – he wrote the scenario-based learning book) and runs the Vignettes Learning website and writes a very interesting blog.

Posted by: Victoria Wright | September 22, 2011

Survey: Pan-European survey on eLearning

I received the email below asking to complete the survey on eLearning (from LSG and Learning technologies) and its role in training and the future. I aim to complete it and it might be of interest for you to have a look at it.

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Posted by: Victoria Wright | September 22, 2011

Article: Context is King!

Too much information? In the world of eLearning nothing could ring more true than having access to a wealth of information, the article ‘Content is King‘ discusses how contextual learning is extremely important:

‘It is not the amount of information that we provide learners that is important. It is what is meaningful and immediately useful to impact their performance.’

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Posted by: Victoria Wright | September 21, 2011

Article: Content strategy – What it is, and why you need it (Part 1)

Another good post from the Learning solutions magazine about content strategy.

Again, it discusses the importance of user centered design in creating content ‘the essence of good content is that it becomes “user-centered’ and how application of knowledge and contextual learning are very important.

The digital landscape demonstrates the level of complexity that each person is immersed in and how this affects the content strategy.

Posted by: Victoria Wright | September 21, 2011

Train online has been launched!

We’re delighted to announce that EMBL- EBI has launched the beta release of Train online.

What is Train online? Train online is a free, web-based learning resource for life scientists, containing courses on how to use the EBI’s databases.

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Posted by: mvschneider | August 31, 2011

Undergraduates Biology Workshop_lots of ideas

Collection of resources, materials, articles used during the Undergraduates Biology Workshop for educators and Trainers_BioQUEST 2011:

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